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Pianot method

Musical Training - Solfège

Original title: Méthode Pianot'

Progressive method for beginners, from 10 years old.
In connection with the PIANOT 'chime

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The book Pianot 'offers 10 small pieces for carillon and orchestra, which deal with basic musical notions in turn and try to popularize the current musical language through instrumental practice.
The practice of this small portable chime makes it possible to answer in a simple and fun way to fundamental questions which concern the theory of the music.

In a common reflection, teachers and students answer questions raised by the various compositions and gradually become familiar with the terms that spontaneously arise from the pleasure of playing.

What is a major scale? A highlight? A triplet?

Pianot 'is a book that allows you to concretely define the main tools of musicians. This original collection offers tracks of educational exploitation complementary to the instrumental practice.

Work containing:
• 10 pieces for Pianot 'and orchestra with 2 CD versions:
version 1: full version
version 2: to listen and play with the orchestra (play-back)
• Simplified partitions
• Author notes to promote the pedagogical use of songs and develop your work sequences

Author: Guillaume Saint-James
CD-booklet (24 pages - size 17 x 22 cm)


Pianot method - Partition -
18.02 £

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