The Little Flutorama

Sheet music - Collection for Flute and Piano

Original title: Le Petit Flûtorama

The Petit Flûtorama with CD is a repertoire of songs all styles for flute , level any beginner.


Dominique ETIEVANT, Elisabeth DUTRIEUX, Jorane CAMBIER

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The Little Flutorama

With this collection, beginner flutists will be able to learn while playing classical, film music, variety and traditional music .

In all, 30 titles specially arranged for beginners to play with pleasure their first tunes on the flute, with among others:
- movie themes like Star Wars, The Snow Queen, Mary Poppins, Kirikou, Pirates of the Caribbean ...
- songs known as The Whirlwind of Life (Legrand), Hey Jude (The Beatles), The Cane of Jeanne (Brassens) ...
- the classic must-haves such as Schubert's Trout, Beethoven's 7th, Mozart's Little Night Music ...
- and the traditional Happy Birthday, Long Live Wind, Katatioucha, Santiano ...

Each piece is the result of a work of arrangement, precise, adapted to the instrument and the level of the pupil. This volume, progressive, presents a level of difficulty very low and easily accessible for the student.

The CD accompanying the book, of superior quality, has been recorded by Dominique Etiévant, Raoul Duflot, Elisabeth Dutrieux and Laetitia Duflot (flute, piano) - it will give an example and a musical pleasure of choice to all flutist apprentices, as well as than to all music lovers.

• The layout, in color and very airy, ensures a great readability - the spiral binding and the paper without reflection provide a reading comfort
• A separate piano accompaniment book is included in the book
• 96 pages

Extraits sonores

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