Tango Passion - 2 Violins

2 violins

Original title: Tango Passion - 2 Violons

Tango classics arranged for 2 violins (middle level) by Diego Collatti

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Seven authentic tango classics arranged as duets of medium difficulty for violins - this edition includes the famous tunes of some of the greatest tango compositions the world has ever heard. Tango is full of life and passion - the fact that this love affair of music and rhythms has not been overcome. When Astor Piazolla, Vicente Greco, and Angel Villoldo meet in an edition of tango classics, entertainment and expertise of the highest level are sure to ensue. In addition to one of his own compositions, arranging Diego Collatti has selected some of the most popular tango tunes to be arranged for two violins, among them Libertango, El Choclo, and A media Luz. Collatti, who is considered an expert in Argentine tango, has brilliantly and expressively highlighted the two violin parts, which have been essential elements of the tango tradition since its beginning. The duets' characteristic phrasing opportunities combined with their dynamic shading and various articulation. Melancholic tunes, rhythmic precision, and untamed passion can be found in this stylistically diverse collection, the compositional art of which showcases the full emotional range of the tango tradition.

Tango Passion - 2 Violins - Partition -
19.17 £

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