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Memories - Cello and Piano

Francis Poulenc

Original title: Souvenirs - Violoncelle et piano

Foreword by Hervé Lacombe


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Unpublished piece by Francis Poulenc, published with the permission of the Historical Library of the City of Paris and Benoît Seringe, Secretary of the Association of Friends of Francis Poulenc. On April 1, 1944, Anouilh's Traveler Without Baggage, which had been created in 1937 with music by Darius Milhaud, was taken over at the Théâtre de la Michodière. Francis Poulenc was asked to write a new stage music. We did not know everything about this unpublished score, until the day when Berengere de l'Epine, curator at the Historical Library of the city of Paris, reported the existence of a manuscript in the fonds of the Association of Theater Regia . Poulenc perfected his score between March 19 and 21, 1944. It includes nine numbers, all written for a small instrumental force bringing together an oboe, a clarinet, a cello and a piano. However, at the end of his manuscript, the composer takes the No.2 Lent and gives a second version, for cello and piano. Curiously, the original version of this issue is not deleted in the manuscript. Poulenc seems to invite us to consider as a distinct piece this piece for cello and piano which we propose here the edition. It was created by Marc Coppey, accompanied by Jean-François Heisser, during the concert given during the conference organized for the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Poulenc, Wednesday, January 23, 2013, organ room of the National Conservatory of Music and Dance Paris (CNSMDP). Some elements on the dramatic context will make it possible to get an idea of \u200b\u200bthe character of the piece, that Benoît Seringe, having right Poulenc, judiciously chose to title Souvenirs. The main character of Anouilh's play, Gaston, was found amnesic at the end of the First World War. Several families claim it. We want to see in him a lost parent. The Renaud are particularly tenacious - but Gaston fails to recognize himself in the child and the young man whose portrait is portrayed: a violent and unscrupulous being. In Table 3 of Act I, he was left alone for a moment, crushed by the story of this other person, whom he discovers little by little, indignant at the desire of the people around him to bring him back to their detriment. of what he would like to be from now on, he murmurs these words: "You all have proofs, similar photographs, precise memories like crimes ... I listen to you all and I feel a little way behind me emerging a hybrid being where there is a little bit of each of your sons and nothing of me "... It is with these words that Poulenc chose to place No. 2 of his score of stage music. As he often does, he borrows a part of his material from an earlier composition. In this case, he reuses for the beginning of the piece the section "Slow and melancholy" of the History of Babar, composed between 1940 and 1945, created in 1946 (unless it is Babar who reuses the musical idea of Traveler). The hero-elephant decided to leave to find the big forest. He kissed the old lady, promised to come back, reassured him: he will never forget it. Left alone, the old lady, sad and pensive, wonders when she will see her friend Babar again. The situation is similar to that of the traveler without luggage: loneliness, sadness, moment of trouble and return on oneself, fear of forgetting, presence of memories ...

Francis Poulenc - Memories - Cello and Piano - Sheet Music -
8.99 £


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