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Poetic and Religious Harmonies
Franz Liszt

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses

Urtext Edition Ernst-Günter Heinemann- Fingers: Klaus Schilde

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This ambitious cycle, published in 1853, includes both grandiose concert pieces (Blessing and Funeral) as well as more modest and smaller works, sometimes even incorporating Gregorian tunes. The gestation of this volume spans a long period. Composed after Lamartine's collection of eponymous poems, the fourth piece in this cycle, Poetic and Religious Harmonies, very innovative on the musical level, was published in its first version in 1835 already. In 1853, Liszt distanced himself from this work of experimental youth and had it published in a somewhat softened, but nevertheless still considerably fiery version, henceforth naming it Pensées des Dead. Maison Henle has added this daring work of youth as a supplement to this volume (for the separate versions available of Bénédiction et Funérailles, see HN 984 and 748).


Franz Liszt - Poetic and Religious Harmonies - Partition -
26.06 £

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