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The Piano In Colors

Béatrice Quoniam

Original title: Le Piano En Couleurs


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Future pianists who will begin the study of our instrument and the basics of music with this collection are very lucky. Everything is there: what is a piano, how does it work, how to listen, how to sit ... We read the comments, very clear and funny, we look at the drawings, and we go there. This approach of the piano is so original and innovative that it should make you want to put to many apprentice pianists. Start with glissandi, mini clusters using the pedal, what luxury ... admit that it's funnier to wipe the keyboard with a clean sweater than to make the notes held, is not it? ? And what a joy to be able to play works as famous as the Symphony of the New World, the Turkish March, a ragtime of Scott Joplin and many other tubes still, and thus to familiarize you, from your first pianistic steps , with the composers who will accompany you throughout your musical journey. (Marie-Catherine Girod)

Béatrice Quoniam - The Piano In Colors - Sheet Music -
21.61 £


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