The Vermeil Book of Montserrat

Sheet music - Choir a cappella

Original title: Le Livre Vermeil de Montserrat

Diaphonia Volume 3.
Choral anthology of the Middle Ages with restitutions and facsimiles of Llibre Vermell by Jacques VIRET (Latin text and medieval Catalan)

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This volume is dedicated to the famous "Llibre Vermell" of Montserrat - all 10 works in their renditions accompanied by their facsimiles in color. The Llibre Vermell, "Book Vermeil", is the pilgrimage book compiled shortly before 1400 by the monks of Montserrat Abbey in Catalonia, where a miraculous statue of the Virgin drew daily cohorts of faithful. Exhumed more than a century ago, it became famous thanks to a dozen songs that were used for the pious entertainment of pilgrims. This exquisite jewel of medieval music is well suited to "initiate" novices, choristers or listeners. Part 1: Historical and musical study (1. Montserrat and Medieval Catalonia - 2. The Llibre Vermell - 3. Llibre Vermell songs and their edition - 4. Comments of the songs). 2nd part: Notes and musicological references. 3rd part: Transcriptions and facsimile of the manuscript

The Vermeil Book of Montserrat - Partition -
25.90 £

 - Tonic 1 - Partition -  - Cantaria - Partition -  - Equal Voice Freelance - Partition -  - Enchantment 1 - Partition -  - Tonic 2 - Partition -
Tonic 1
Sheet music - Choir
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
 Equal Voice Freelance
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
 Enchantment 1
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
 Tonic 2
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
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 - The Girl from Ipanema - Partition -  - Polymelodies Volume 1 Equal Voices - Partition -  - 3 Voice Motets - Partition -  - Enchantment 3 - Partition -  - Enchantment 2 - Partition -
The Girl from Ipanema
Sheet music - Choir and Piano
 Polymelodies Volume 1 Equal Voices
Sheet music - Piano choir
 3 Voice Motets
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
 Enchantment 3
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
 Enchantment 2
Sheet music - Choir a cappella
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