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Latin American Polyphonies Volume 3

Sheet music - Choir a cappella

Original title: Polyphonies Latino Américaines Volume 3

11 polyphonies from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and the Caribbean



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These polyphonies belong to some musical genres that were not represented in volumes 1 and 2: kaluyo (Bolivia), tonada, tango (with text), chacarera (Argentina), waltz (Peru), rumba (Caribbean). The first two works of this collection are canons of great rhythmic vitality, with five and three voices. Dulce Jesus Mío (My Sweet Jesus) is one of the very rare examples of polyphonic work a cappella of the Archives of Chiquitos (17th-18th century, Concepción, Bolivia) - religious work, it was certainly written by an Indian (student Jesuit masters) and she has a text in both Spanish and Chiquitano (a dialect common to the various ethnic groups who lived together in the Jesuit Missions). The other works of this selection are of popular origin, with texts in Spanish or Portuguese, apart from Verano Porteño (Summer in Buenos Aires), tango of Astor Piazzolla composed of onomatopoeia.

Latin American Polyphonies Volume 3 - Partition -
15.76 £

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