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Instruments and Orchestra
David Lampel

Original title: Les Instruments et l'Orchestre

Instrumental music through the centuries

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Van de Velde



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Here is an educational tool easy to access, very good popularization, embellished with many useful musical examples. It allows to easily approach the landscape of the orchestra and its instruments, from the Middle Ages to the present day. I wish this book all the success it deserves. Jean-Claude Casadesus The history of Western instrumental music is relatively recent compared to that of vocal music. Moreover, the instruments and the orchestra, as well as their respective repertoires, have evolved considerably over the centuries. This book aims to trace this evolution by identifying the essential elements that constitute it. It does not claim in any way to be an exhaustive study but rather an introduction to allow then a deepening to those who wish. Prehistory and ancient history will not be presented because they are too far removed from the concerns of this book. The history of the twentieth century will be addressed only in its first half, the recent instrumental development can not be summarized with sufficient hindsight to observe it satisfactorily. Part will also be devoted to the functioning and characteristics of the current instruments, the techniques of instrumentation and orchestration strictly speaking as well as the preparation of the scores. Many musical excerpts are presented to illustrate the book. They will be presented as edited, with transposing instruments and terminology in foreign languages \u200b\u200b(partly with translation), in order to allow the reader to become familiar with the reality of reading orchestral scores. . And since we are talking about visual perception, let us recall finally that the concert remains an excellent way to visualize the sound phenomenon and to understand more easily the architecture of a music. I wish the reader pages that will follow a good reading! David Lampel


David Lampel - Instruments and Orchestra - Partition -
32.84 £

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