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Preludio - Guitar

Guitar Collections - Sheet music

Original title: Preludio - Guitare

130 Easy Concert Pieces / Edited by Martin Hegel / Level: easy

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 9783795711344 9790001163323

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Preludio contains 130 easy attractive performance pieces from six centuries, thus offering the most important pieces for beginners' guitar lessons in one comprehensive volume. The repertoire is ideal for first performance at music schools, and plays for competitions and examinations or just as a treasure trove for teachers, pupils, students, and guitar lovers. The selected pieces can be played in the second to fourth year of guitar lessons. They are divided chronologically into five chapters and arranged progressively according to their level of difficulty. Each chapter refers to another epoch: Renaissance - Baroque - Classical period - Romanticism and early 20th century - modern, pop and world music. The result is a book that can be used immediately. Most pieces can be played in the 1st and 2nd positions, without any strings or fingering. The somewhat more difficult parts that require small and large bars fingering. The majority of the pieces are original works, and the editors have refrained from making any radical simplifications. Only a few difficulties have been made that are easier to understand.


Preludio - Guitar - Partition -
21.09 £

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