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The Incontournables Of Chant - Soprano Volume 1
Jacqueline Bonnardot

Sheet music - Piano singing

Original title: Les Incontournables Du Chant - Soprano Volume 1

For Soprano. Selection of Jacqueline Bonnardot.



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28.41 £



-Agrave the demand of many singing teachers, we offer this collection for soprano which includes tunes, lieder and melodies very known, for the most part, in comfortable tessitures.Les students will thus have a working tool for several years *. The novelty lies in the reductions for piano which are reviewed by Bruno Gousset, and often closer to the richness of the orchestration than in the older editions (the pianists can, if necessary simplify on sight). Some songs are down by a 1/2 tone (415) or a tone (390) as is often done in early music ensembles. Recitatives are added when they are interesting and useful in the sense of the following text. They are often requested in the auditions. We must learn to interpret them with a fair expression - we note that in the Italian style, we do not take into account silences when they are not accompanied by a punctuation in the text. Finally, we can say that these classic works have survived until today thanks to their inexhaustible virtues that can be compared to these gold coins ... which we never finish making change. (Bergson). They have gone through time keeping an eternal youth.

Jacqueline Bonnardot

* A CD attached to each collection contains examples sung by two artists, very useful for imbibing different styles. On the CD, as a result, the piano part alone can help to set up the pieces.

Selection: Jacqueline Bonnardot
Realization of the piano accompaniment: Bruno Gousset
Recording: Studio Sysmo
Piano: Bruno Gousset
Singing: Kiyoko Okada (tracks 1-3-5-9-11-13-17-19) and Corinne Sertillanges (tracks 7-15)


Jacqueline Bonnardot - The Incontournables Of Chant - Soprano Volume 1 - Partition -
28.41 £

Jacqueline Bonnardot - The Incontournables Du Chant - Soprano Volume 2 - Partition -    
Bonnardot Jacqueline    
The Incontournables Du Chant - Soprano Volume 2
Sheet music - Piano singing
IN STOCK30.71 £    

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