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My Music Box Volume 1

Musical training - Sheet music

Original title: Ma Boîte à Musiques Volume 1

1st cycle - 1st year (teacher's book included)
By Elsa GRABOWSKI and Hélène LOUIS

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My Music Box is a complete book for a first year of music education.
He approaches all notions by learning traditional or original songs and discovering a varied repertoire.
In order to allow the child to immerse himself in a living musical context and to assimilate durably the notions, all the proposed texts have an audio support.
The close link between songs, ordinances, recognitions and deciphering allows the child to sustainably raise awareness of melodic relationships.
The reading is approached in a relative way in the first lessons. The proposed rhythms are played with a sound support.
This approach makes it possible to make rhythm alive, in connection with a musical reality (phrasing, articulation, perception of sound movement).

My Music Box Volume 1 - Partition -
19.36 £

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