The Airs of Opera - Clarinet

Clarinet Recipes - Sheet music

Original title: Les Airs d'Opéra - Clarinette

Play, Play and Play / Audio Access Collection included


Markus Schenk

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De Haske


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The Listening, Reading and Playing collection is today a reference for the teaching of brass and wood. All accompanied by a CD, these fascinating beginners' books contain songs, musical puzzles and games to better understand the music, information about the instrument, and many fun pieces to play. The three volumes of the method that form the basis of this collection are supplemented by several volumes of complementary material corresponding to the various stages of this method. In The Opera Airs, arias, choruses and famous overtures are presented in ascending order of difficulty and can be worked in conjunction with the three volumes of the Listen, Play and Play method. Some of the most beautiful melodies of all time have been collected with historical commentaries. Students can interpret them with piano accompaniments available as online files to stream or download. This edition also includes scores for these accompaniments, carefully arranged in a moderate level of difficulty.


The Airs of Opera - Clarinet - Partition -
17.59 £

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Sheet music - Clarinet (s) Cd
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Sheet music - Clarinet Cd
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Sheet music - Clarinet (s) Cd
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