Destination Music! Volume 2

Solfeggio - Music Training

Original title: Destination Musique ! Volume 2

by Anne CHAUSSEBOURG, Dominique LE GUERN and Bruno GARLEJ .

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Destination Musique vol.2 is a method of musical training for the second year of cycle 1 of conservatory, thought to be a practical and comprehensive course support: the unique book of the second year of music training course. (> for the 1st year, see Destination Music vol.1) Each course is on a double-page, including exercises of reading notes, rhythms read and? /? or struck, a theoretical notion, and a song with accompaniment piano - the first steps of the book summarize the achievements of the previous year, to start the year off right. All four courses, a double-page "stopover" allows to revise the concepts of the last lessons. Finally, a double-page "Comments d'écoute" allows to approach the works of Mozart, Dukas or Verdi in class with the students. While respecting the curricula and rigor inherent in the discipline, this method offers both a realistic pedagogical progression, and renews the image of a learning sometimes unfairly considered "boring" - very nicely illustrated, it projects students and the teacher in a world of poetry and good mood!

24.05 £

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