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The theory

Catherine Méchain

Original title: La Théorie

Sheet Music - Notions - Dynamic Index


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The basics of music theory through a varied choice of scores, with simple explanations, an original and practical approach.
Aimed at young people as well as adults, beginners or wishing to learn and understand the concepts, terms and main signs of music.
The book is organized into 3 interrelated parts that offer 3 interactive ways to navigate within the volume:

1. annotated scores: Large excerpts of works from the popular directories, classical and jazz serving as an example for all the signs and terms developed in Part 2.

2. The detailed notions: all the basic concepts of musical language are presented in a concise way, with definitions, tables and diagrams.

3. The dynamic index: 249 terms and concepts allowing to easily find in the other two parts the related content.

Catherine Méchain - The theory - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.co.uk
11.88 £


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