Ausgewählte Klavierwerke
Stephen Heller

Sheet music - Piano

Selected works for piano (Charakterstücke- pieces of character). Urtext Edition Ursula Kersten- Fingers: Hans-Martin Theopold

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This collection offers a series of delicate little pieces for piano by Stephen Heller, a 19th century composer. Most of them are only of medium difficulty, but still have a particular musical interest. In 1853 Heller wrote to his publisher that he "hadn't tried to make many words", but that he wanted to sketch "in a few strokes, something serious, sensible." Entirely dedicated to the "piece of character" which constitutes a large part of Heller's production, this collection offers a panorama of the artistic evolution of this composer. Among these works are pieces such as "The Little Beggar", "After an Invigorating Break", or "The Crying Child", that is to say scenes that express and evoke a particular atmosphere. As Ursula Kersten writes in the preface, Heller's music "already suggests impressionism" and this composer deserves to be discovered thanks to the songs in this collection.


Stephen Heller - Ausgewählte Klavierwerke - Partition -
26.49 £

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