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Years of Pilgrimage - 1st year Switzerland
Franz Liszt

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Années de Pèlerinage - 1ère année Suisse

Urtext Edition Ernst Herttrich- Fingers: Hans-Martin Theopold

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In 1835/36, Liszt stayed in Switzerland in the company of his mistress, the Countess Marie d'Agoult. In the music for a Voyageur's Album, published in 1842, Liszt boldly and avant-garde describes Swiss alpine landscapes. By 1850, the terrible child had now become a respectable composer. He reworked his early compositions and had them published in 1855 under the title Years of Pilgrimage, First Year, Switzerland. Piece of bravery in this collection, the Obermann Valley, naturalist and poetic at the same time, was composed according to the novel by Senancourt. In addition to our edition, we also printed the youth version (see HN 813 for the separate edition of the 1855 version, richly commented).


Franz Liszt - Years of Pilgrimage - 1st year Switzerland - Partition -
22.70 £

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