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Three Concert Studies
Franz Liszt

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Trois Etudes de Concert

3 Poetic Caprices.
Urtext Edition Wiltrud Haug-Freienstein, Rena Charnin Mueller- fingerings F. Liszt

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In March 1848, Liszt moved to Weimar with his new partner, Princess Carolyne Sayn-Wittgenstein. He will now lead a more sedentary life. Encouraged by his partner to give up his career as a virtuoso and to concentrate on his profession as a composer, in the summer of 1848 he completed the composition of the studies known today under the following names: Il lamento, La leggierezza and Un sospiro. Unlike Liszt's previous studies, emphasizing the pianistic technique, it is poetry and the search for sounds that predominate in these new studies. They are often played in concert and are part of the compulsory pieces requested in the Hautes Écoles de Musique and piano competitions.



Franz Liszt - Three Concert Studies - Partition -
11.70 £

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