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Piano Sonatas - Volume 2

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Sonates Pour Piano - Volume 2

Franz Schubert Urtext Edition Paul Mies- Fingers: Hans-Martin Theopold

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Schubert's 22 piano sonatas very faithfully reflect the journey of this composer who disappeared too early. Starting from the first tests carried out between sixteen and nineteen, they allow us to retrace the constant evolution of his writing up to the five great sonatas composed between 1823 and 1826, then to the three masterful sonatas composed shortly before his death which undoubtedly place him at the same level of mastery as Beetho-ven in this area.
Volume II of the three-volume Urtext edition published by Henle contains the Sonata in G major D 894 op. 78 as well as the three major sonatas in C minor, A and B flat major with aerial writing and delicate expression with which Schubert takes a great step towards the future and which belong to the classical canons of the piano sonata.


SCHUBERT - Piano Sonatas - Volume 2 - Partition -
26.94 £

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Impromptus and Musical Moments
Sheet music - Piano
 3 Klavierstücke D 946 Aus Dem Nachlass
Sheet music - Piano
Sheet music - Piano
 Hungarian melody if minor D 817
Sheet music - Piano
 Musical Moments D 780 Opus 94
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 Impromptu in E flat major Opus 90-2 D 899
Sheet music - Piano
 Piano Sonata B flat Major D 960
Sheet music - Piano
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