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Scenes Of Children Opus 15

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Scènes D'enfants Opus 15

Robert Schumann Kinderszenen.
Urtext Edition Ernst Herttrich- Fingers: Walther Lampe

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"With regard to the Scenes of Children, I owe them one of the most vivid joys of my life" ... This statement is indeed from Franz Liszt. He played them willingly and often in the evening, not only for his daughter Blandine-Rachel, but also for his own pleasure. It is still not known whether the "Scenes of Children" were composed for children or for adults. Schumann himself designated them as retrospectives of a man of a certain age for people of a certain age, but he did not deny that “in composing, the heads of children [him] passed through the 'mind". The edition of Ernst Herttrich updates our favorite edition according to the most current criteria of the musicological research of the sources and it includes in appendix the position of the editor concerning the metronomic figures, taken from a previous edition.


SCHUMANN - Scenes Of Children Opus 15 - Partition -
8.10 £

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