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Piano Suites and Rooms London 1733

Sheet music - Piano

Original title: Suites et Pièces Pour Piano Londres 1733

Georg-Friedrich Haendel Urtext Edition Ellwood Derr- Fingerprint: Klaus Schilde

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"His keyboard music is incomparable, almost essential for the keyboardist," wrote music theorist Johann Anton Scheibe in 1743 about the keyboard work by Georg Friedrich Haendel. Printed in 1733, the second collection of piano suites and independent pieces by the great master of the Baroque gives the interested pianist a very colorful idea. Among the pieces HWV 434–442 entitled “Sonata”, “Suite”, “Prélude” or “Chaconne”, we find the famous “Chaconne in G major” and its 21 variations, still performed in concert today. The musician will also discover an "Aria" and its five charming variations, made famous by Brahms and the variations which he in turn composed on the same theme. The collection appeared for the first time in London and Amsterdam without Handel's agreement and contains many printing errors, so a serious urtext edition was essential. The sober fingerings of Klaus Schilde allow to negotiate some difficult passages with more ease and open unexpected perspectives.


HAENDEL - Piano Suites and Rooms London 1733 - Partition -
30.55 £

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London 1720 Piano Suites
Sheet music - Piano
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