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Pair of CASTAGNETTES in natural wood - FUZEAU

Instrument de Musique : CASTAGNETTES

Original title: Paire de CASTAGNETTES en bois naturel - FUZEAU

Clip-type castanets, which are played with the fingers. They are easier to operate than traditional castanets, and provide a very comparable sound.


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This small percussion musical instrument travels through Spain and brings back the warm and rhythmic sounds of this country. Easy to use, finger castanets develop motor skills (left hand / right hand) and sense of rhythm.

They invite you to discover a variety of sounds and give color to the music

Ideal to practice the musical and rhythmic awakening with children from the age of 4 years.
Castanets (in Spanish, small chestnuts) are an idiophone percussion musical instrument, typical of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian folklore.


Instrument de Musique : CASTAGNETTES - Pair of CASTAGNETTES in natural wood - FUZEAU - Accessoire -
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