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The Petit Ménestrel: RAMEAU narrated to children

Le Petit Ménestrel

Original title: Le Petit Ménestrel : RAMEAU raconté aux enfants

Find the life of Jean-Philippe RAMEAU and his biggest music pages, with a text by François CHAUMETTE.


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Jean-Philippe Rameau was born in Dijon in 1683.
He studied organ with his father, took music lessons with celebrities in the capital, traveled to Italy and composed while holding the organs successively in Dijon, Clermont-Ferrand and Paris.
Composer unknown at the beginning, he discovers a patron in the person of General Pouplinière who will decide his fate.
His work disconcerts his contemporaries, especially the Lullist partisans. Rousseau and Diderot will laugh at his music - Voltaire, partisan of Rameau, will engage in a controversy.
At 50, Rameau found his way, innovative and triumphant, with 32 operas, one of the most famous, Les Indes Galantes.
To this must be added the admirable pieces of harpsichord in concert.