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Chromatic - KORG AW-2


Original title: Chromatique - KORG AW-2+

Transposable clip-on tuner
A clipable and transposable tuner for orchestral instruments.
The AW-2 is an ultra compact and ultra light chromatic tuner, equipped with two clamps.
So you can quickly fix it on a wind or string instrument for easy and precise tuning.

The AW2 has a transpose function in (C, Eb, F and Bb), ideal for wind instruments.
The AW-2 has two types of chords, the first by detecting vibrations via a piezo microphone and the second by detecting the pitch using the built-in microphone.
The other advantage of the AW-2 is the large backlit display, it offers three lighting modes to be readable in all circumstances, and obviously on stage.
The AW-2 and clip section are connected by a double ball joint allowing the AW-2 to be rotated 360 degrees and to have a multi-directional position.
As with the AW-2, the AW-2 comes with two clamps (one large and one small), making it usable with many concert or orchestral instruments. The large clamp is ideal for wind or string instruments, and the small clamp is perfect on the horn of a trumpet or trombone.
The AW-2 also has different modes for the frequency ranges specific to each type of instrument.


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Clip-on orchestra tuner:

• Backlit screen for greater visibility
• Adjusting the angle for easy reading
• Transposition with the key of Do, Eb, Fa and Sib
• Indicators for major and minor thirds
• Combines a Piezo microphone and a microphone
• Scale: 12 notes with equal temperament
• Detection range: A0 (27.50 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz)
• Calibration range: A4 = 410 to 480 Hz (in steps of 1 Hz)
• Power supply: 3V battery
• Dimensions: length 58mm - height 26mm - thickness 12.6 mm
• Weight: 17.4 g (battery included), with clip 17.7g (large), 3.7g (small)
• Supplied accessories: one battery of 3V (CR2032) and two clamps

Accordeur - Chromatic - KORG AW-2 - Accessory -
19.52 £


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