SET CELLO 1/2 SPIROCORE pulling medium

Cordes pour Violoncelle SPIROCORE

Original title: JEU VIOLONCELLE 1/2 SPIROCORE tirant moyen

Set of 4 strings:
The: Chromed steel 1/2
Ré: Chromed steel 1/2
Floor: Chromed steel 1/2
Ut: Chromed steel 1/2


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97.96 £


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Spirocore ropes with a spiral steel core

The Spirocore Strings are a technical development of our Künstler Seil series and have a flexible spiral steel core. This core has greater elasticity than conventional chains, which means less inertia and a higher propensity for musical vibration.

The sound is full and homogeneous, balanced and voluminous. The channel has been calibrated to meet the express request of many artists for the same efficiency arco and pizzicato.

Especially bassists with a weak C extension will appreciate the reliability of this channel. Spirocore is also very popular with jazz bassists because of its ability to amplify micro sound. Thomastik-Infeld tackled notorious cello problems such as wolf notes and inhibition difficulties with Spirocore C and G strings in tungsten wound and silver wound.

Spirocore allows for effortless fingering, bending response, stable tuning and a very long chain life. With Spirocore the technical possibilities of the steel rope have been developed to their maximum.

Cordes pour Violoncelle SPIROCORE - SET CELLO 1/2 SPIROCORE pulling medium - Accessoire -
97.96 £

Cordes pour Violoncelle SPIROCORE - Rope alone: \u200b\u200bVIOLONCELLY RE 1/2 SPIROCORE pulling medium - Accessoire - Cordes pour Violoncelle SPIROCORE - Rope only: SOLO CELLO SPIROCORE medium - Accessoire -   
Cordes pour Violoncelle SPIROCORE Cordes pour Violoncelle SPIROCORE   
Rope alone: \u200b\u200bVIOLONCELLY RE 1/2 SPIROCORE pulling medium
 Rope only: SOLO CELLO SPIROCORE medium
IN STOCK27.20 £ IN STOCK31.46 £   

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