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KDM-3 KORG Black

Métronome Electronique

Original title: KDM-3 KORG Noir

The KORG KDM-3 looks like a mechanical metronome and has rich hands-on features, including metronome sounds, rhythm patterns and a clear, powerful volume.


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The KORG KDM-3 metronome has an attractive look that looks like a miniature mechanical metronome, it also contains a rich variety of beat patterns and metronome sounds.
It also integrates the practical functions you expect from a digital unit and supports your performance in situation, regardless of genre or instrument.

• Elegant design reminiscent of a mechanical metronome.
• Eight metronome sounds, including a mechanical metronome sound.
• 19 rhythm patterns support songs of all kinds.
• Easy one-touch operation and easy-to-read display.
• Choose from three types of tempo settings to suit your needs
• The Sound Out mode allows you to tune while listening to a reference tone.
• The timer mode is convenient for practicing the basics.
• Memory backup function and auto power off function.
• Long life design ensures worry-free performance even during extended workouts.

Technical characteristics :

• Variable tempo range from 30 to 252 BPM.
• Rotary potentiometer for volume control.
• Indicator lamp flashes according to the selected tempo.
• TAP TEMPO function.
• 12 Reference notes from C4 to B4.
• Calibration range: A4 = 410 Hz to 480 Hz
• Supplied with 4 AAA batteries.
• Speaker: Dynamic speaker (36 mm)
• Connectors: Jack
• Dimensions: (W x D x H): 60 x 73 x 113 mm.
• Weight: 167 grams (including batteries).
• Ecotax included.

Métronome Electronique - KDM-3 KORG Black - Accessory -
57.42 £

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