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The voice of the trumpet

Renaudin Vary Lucienne

Come discover the first album of the young trumpet player Lucienne Renaudin Vary.
Revelation Soloist instrumental in the Victoires de la Musique Classique, the young 18-year-old musician is distinguished both in the jazz repertoire and the classical repertoire.

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"I always considered the trumpet like a voice. The ranges are similar on many directories. The technique of the instrument is very close to that of the singers. We breathe in the same way. Listening to them is essential to me, spontaneity, expressiveness, phrasing, the work of the report music / text attract me and inspire me a lot as an instrumentalist.

How could a trumpet player envy the huge repertoire that the singers inherit?

"I started practicing jazz and improvisation shortly after I started learning the classical trumpet. Both are part of my life ... and that's why I wanted to put together a repertoire that would confuse several eras and varieties of styles, from baroque to jazz. The pieces I have chosen are my Madeleines of Proust. They are all important moments in my life. I hope this recording will touch you and make me love my instrument as I like it. -Lucienne


Renaudin Vary Lucienne - The voice of the trumpet - Accessoire -
19.05 £

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