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Black Wide BAM Cloth for DOUBLE BASS

Accessoire pour instruments ร  cordes

Original title: Chiffon BAM Noir taille large pour CONTREBASSE

Bam original wipes consist of 2 juxtaposed microfibers, each selected according to a specific technological criterion. The cumulation of their performances as well as the nano silver treatment (Silver nano) of which they were the object allows:
- More efficient absorption of moisture
- A very fast drying of the instrument
- Unparalleled cleaning, gentle, respecting the varnish.
- After use, the cloth will dry quickly protected from molds thus avoiding the proliferation of bacteria.
One of the corners has been specially doubled to hold the rag more firmly, sliding your hand into an opening like a glove. It is intended to rub the strings and the instrument key more firmly to remove all traces of rosin and perspiration. If you want to use a cleaning product, apply it using this area.
This interview, performed after each session of play, facilitated by the cloth Bam the original, will extend the life of the strings and their quality of play!
Easy cleaning with soap and water.
Washing does not alter the properties of the treatment.
Black color
Dimensions: 30 x 40cm


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Accessoire pour instruments ร  cordes - Black Wide BAM Cloth for DOUBLE BASS - Accessoire -
10.23 £

Accessoire pour Instruments ร  cordes - Real CHAMOIS skin - Accessoire -    
Accessoire pour Instruments ร  cordes    
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