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Octave, The tender ear - Malette

Sylvie Villemin

Original title: Octave, L'oreille Tendre - Malette

The Musical Awakening of the Little Ones Contents of the Case: The CD Book - A Tambourine - A Triangle - A Flute

Editions Henry Lemoine

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - L'EREILLE TENDRE is a musical awakening manual for little ones that aims to make them discover the sound world through pleasure and play. Each exercise will have to be sensory experience, passing through the body. , so that the child makes a body memory of the different musical notions. Octave, the little rabbit musician, will accompany the child in all his discoveries. This is why, at first, we ask you to ask the child to stick the stickers of Octave (located at the bottom of page 4 of the boards of the stickers) on his briefcase so that he gets to know him again. friend. This manual consists of 20 fully illustrated lessons, each of which includes a song and activities to work on the breath, the sound movement (rise and fall of the sound), the voice, the rhythm in the form of body movements and strokes, and than the different stamps. All the exercises have been designed so that the child participates actively - the stickers and the compact disc are also there for that. The Detachable Activities Guide is intended for parents, educators, teachers or teachers. The objectives and detailed explanations of each activity, lesson by lesson, are included. The logos / symbols indicate each time the necessary material. The main logos found in the children's book are a convenient and quick way to identify different activities. The compact-disc contains the recordings of all the songs, pieces for the body movements and riddles of the different stamps. The CD range corresponding to each activity is indicated in the Activities Guide. Each user will be able to adapt the speed of progression that he wishes for the work of each lesson. These can be done in one or more sessions depending on the age and number of children, the important thing is to always respect the rhythm of each child, to allow him to discover music in pleasure and joy . It is high time now to give way to Octave, the rabbit musician, who will take you on the paths of the sound world. Have a good trip to the land of music ... (Sylvie Villemin) Contents of the bag: flute, tambourine, triangle, book and CD

Sylvie Villemin - Octave, The tender ear - Malette - Sheet Music -
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Sylvie Villemin - Octave, the tender ear - Sheet Music - SYLVIE
Octave, the tender ear
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