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100 musical games


Original title: 100 jeux musicaux

Translated by Geneviève Schoen
Christiane Leroux adaptation


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The purpose of this book is to offer teachers and animators a variety of musical and sound games for groups of all ages and all ages. The first part sets out the aims of the practice of these games and specifies the particular aspects of each of them. The second part offers a whole range of sound and music activities, classified into 9 groups (listening games, concentration games, musical test games, approach games, communication games, based on trust, expression and improvisation, hide-and-seek and riddles, musical goose games) preceded by an explanatory note to each of them. These Games in which each participant can both cultivate his individuality and invest in group life, offer multiple possibilities of exploitation without any musical technique appearing essential.

Ger STORMS - 100 musical games - Book -
11.12 £


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