The sound factory
Catherine DELVAUX

Original title: La Fabrique du Son

Practical guide for singers, wind instrumentalists and speakers

Livre - Spirale


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106 pages - 2019

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The sound factory is for wind and singing musicians and speakers.

Learning a good ventilation is essential. Everyone has a breathing for the game of its own, characterized by morphological and environmental factors. However, this amplified breathing in the manufacture of sound is always based on movements dependent on the same muscle groups.

The first part, theoretical, is based on simplified biomechanical data. There are compared movements during rest breathing and those engaged in amplified breathing for support during play.
The diaphragm muscle is at the heart of the sound emission because of its location, its functional importance and its diversity of links in the structural unit of the body.

The second part takes the form of a proposal of exercises. They are practiced without the instrument and outside the game. They are to confront the practice and the needs of each one, in order to calibrate their own sensations to adapt their breathing dynamics according to the acoustic result sought.

Musicians and speakers will magnify their game with appropriate and practical benchmarks.

21.75 £

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