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Guide to the theory of music


Original title: Guide de la théorie de la musique


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With an open and new design, abundantly illustrated (more than 500 musical examples, paintings and diagrams), the Guide to Music Theory is brought to occupy a central place in the musical practice of the 21st century. An irreplaceable working tool combining pedagogy, encyclopedia and synthesis, this guide is intended for both music lovers and conservatoire students, students or researchers. Editions Fayard and Henry Lemoine.

"-nbspExtremely complete and exciting, a guide to advise all musicians, whether student, professional or simply music lover.-nbsp"
Piano, the Magazine

"-nbspThe clarity of the explanations, the rigor of the syntheses as well as the abundance of the musical examples, diagrams, diagrams ... will make for any musician or music lover a tool of a very great utility. -nbsp"
The Musician's Letter

ABROMONT Claude / MONTALEMBERT Eugène de - Guide to the theory of music - Book - di-arezzo.co.uk
32.43 £


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The Beginner Clarinetist
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Trio piano strings
Metodo Pratico High Voice
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Handbook - Old Edition
Solfeggio - Music Training
Beginner Piano Method - HERVE POUILLARD
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Prelude and Oriental Dance Opus 2
Sheet music - Cello and Piano
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