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Musicological English


Original title: L'anglais musicologique

English musicians


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This Guide is intended for musicology students, researchers, instrumentalists, choir and orchestra conductors, discophiles and music lovers. It offers an overview of essential vocabulary and French and English musical terminology. It assumes the acquisition of basic knowledge of English language and grammar. Some typical expressions are placed in their various contexts - special attention has been given to "false friends", who haunt all translators.

This Guide is also a practical manual close to the activities of the researcher or the interpreter, staying in an English-speaking country - it will bring them the solution to the practical problems of the daily life (purchase of books, records, partitions - renting a place in concert, orders, repairs ...). There will also be a lively dialogue between two students.

At a time when Europe is opening up to international and competitive research, knowledge of foreign languages \u200b\u200band the terminology specific to each discipline is absolutely essential. This book will contribute greatly.

Charles WHITFIELD - Musicological English - Book -
23.02 £


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