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History of music in comics


Original title: Histoire de la musique en bandes dessinées

Bernard Deyriès, Michael Sadler and Denys Lemery.


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The History of Comic Strip Music From Antiquity to the Present

All the highlights of the most exhilarating story of humanity - the history of music - are presented in this cheerful, colorful and spiritual book. Everything is there: - the music of the stone age, the Gregorian chant so rigorous, the enchanting melodies of the troubadours, the polyphony of the medieval era, the musical diversity of the Renaissance, the genius of Bach, the fecundity of Handel , Mozart's divine magic, Beethoven's Promethean soul, Verdi's patriotic song, Puccini's wounded lyricism, Primavian's primitive rhythms (atavistic), Cage's unorthodox experiments ...

This book takes us along a path lined with various and exciting adventures, all presented in drawings that entertain us at the same time that inform us.

The authors of this story have neither founded empires nor discovered unknown lands ... They have not crossed the raging ocean nor explored the lowlands of the solar system - but with passion, tenderness, dedication, they have opened a door to the world the most beautiful and the deepest ... Music.

Global success! Translated into more than 17 languages!

Bernard DEYRIÈS - History of music in comics - Book -
20.89 £


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