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Arts and music in history, vol. 4

Original title: Arts et musiques dans l'histoire, vol. 4

The Baroque

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1 vol. (191 p.) ; illustrations en noir et blanc ; 28 x 21 cm ; 2 CD audio, 1 DVD - Lyon - 2011

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Between the end of the sixteenth century and the middle of the eighteenth century, the generic term "Baroque" first applied to Italian fine arts (architecture, painting sculpture ...) before extending to other areas (music, literature ... ) to qualify a style that blends into the various European national schools. However, this noun-adjective does not cover a monolithic notion, since within this period we will talk about classical style for architecture or literature, Rococo style for decoration or painting or even neoclassical style for some achievements ...

The book offers us a vast panorama of historical and artistic evolution (in the sectors of architecture, painting or sculpture ...) in the main European countries in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The synthesis thus proposed is part of a logic of presentation that wants to associate the parallel paths that marked this century and a half. The artistic production specific to each nation will thus be contextualized in a clear way and several works will be the object of an in-depth commentary (heading "Zoom on").

The music will be the subject of an important chapter with a detailed presentation of the instruments (in relation to the related organological treatises), and many commented plays to sweep widely the wide variety of forms of this time.

On the program: Lully (Atys, Le Bourgeois ...), Charpentier (Medea), Couperin, Bach, Handel, Purcell, Vivaldi, Corelli ... with some surprises among which several songs of the Beatles treated in the form of a concerto grosso (in the manner of Handel ...). In addition, a large chapter will be devoted, from the turqueries of the Bourgeois, to a presentation of the musical situation in the eastern world from the sixteenth century to the eighteenth century.

2CD and 1 DVD

Michel ASSELINEAU - Arts and music in history, vol. 4 - Livre -
36.54 £

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