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Illustrated Guide to Music, Volume 1


Original title: Guide illustré de la musique, volume 1


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Here at last, made available to the general public, according to a scientific approach that is at once clear, intelligent, precise and seductive, most of the basics of music are often presented, sometimes in a forbidding way, sometimes in a way that is too simplified.

Radically new, the design of this book is first of all because of the decisive role played by the image, not merely an illustration of the text but a true extension of it, an indispensable complement to its understanding that it always makes easy. Added to this is the color, which allows an immediate visualization of the structure of a work, the range of voices or instruments, the rules of counterpoint, etc.

The other originality of this book is the subject matter that makes it a real encyclopedia. A historic part mainly focuses on the study of styles here and covering the period from prehistory and ancient civilizations outside Europe until the end of the Renaissance (the music of the early seventeenth century to the present will be treated in a second volume), is preceded by a part Sciences of the music, of which no other work offers the equivalent, so many are varied and abundant the subjects treated. We find, among other things, developments on the instruments, genres, forms, harmony, notation, basso continuo, dodecaphonic technique, etc., but also on the acoustics, the physiology of the ear and voice, the musical score, the practice of execution ...

A true bestseller in Germany (300,000 copies sold), already available in several languages, this Illustrated Music Guide is a natural part of the Indispensables de la Musique collection.

Professor of Musicology at the University of Karlsruhe, Ulrich Michels has become known for numerous works and conferences. Pianist, he is a member of Karlsruhe Klaviertrio.

Ulrich MICHELS - Illustrated Guide to Music, Volume 1 - Book -
18.76 £


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